Bass Course

The goal of the Roberto Fasciani's bass course is to provide technical and theorical knowledges to forge a skillful musician ready for the music business (as amateur or professional), and help him to achieve a personal musical identity. Every musician is a unique person himself, so getting a personal style is very important.

The bass course, for beginners and for advanced level students, is divided in different subjects and techniques. The first lesson will be useful to test student's skills, so the teacher can set and adapt the course to the student.

Course is divided in:

  • technique
  • harmony/theory
  • ear training
  • reading scores
  • analysis of bass players and musical styles (rock, funk, metal, progressive, blues jazz...)
  • musical repertoire
  • arrangements
  • slap
  • tapping
  • walking bass
  • creation of bass lines and solos

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Lessons are private in Rome (Italy) and are also available on Skype.

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Roberto Fasciani